Photos and video images from Egypt

Kheyameya is a type of appliqué textile historically used to decorate tents across  the Middle East. Rotate Editions has produced a limited edition series of Kheyameya artworks: a collaboration between three European graphic artists and two Egyptian tentmakers.

Every year at the full moon in October, hundreds of Siwans gather at Gebel Dakrur for the Siyaha. This is an expanded version of a piece that originally appeared on CNN's "Inside the Middle East"

The group Mazaher performs Zar at Makan in downtown Cairo. The Egyptian Center for Culture and Art, created by Ahmed el-Maghraby, is working to preserve musical traditions in Egypt.

Rwanga Foundation is working to improve the lives of refugees, IDPs and local population in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. Produced for the International Finance Corporation.

Start-up incubator Flat 6 Labs is helping Egyptian entrepreneurs. Produced for the International Finance Corporation. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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